Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Couple of new Kevin Tong posters Wilco and Ladytron

Ladytron and Art Print are 14 x 25 inches

Wilco is 15 x 25 inches

Kevin Tong has released some really nice posters one is for the Wilco Spring Tour and the other for Ladytron and Faint in Los Angeles. They should be for sale soon on his site and the Wilco store.

More info just in from Kevin

Here's the info:
Edition- Unlimited, 25 signed and numbered for sale at my online
store. Wilco's store carries the unsigned ones. Wilco's store will
sell them first, then my store. They should go up for sale at
http://wilcoworld.net/store.php in a few days. Price is currently
unknown, though the posters were a hit on tour.

Edition: 70. 28 are signed.
Price: $25

Art prints also available.
Edition of 20.
Price: $30

The Ladytron/Faint poster and art print will be available for sale at
my store tonight and also at www.postercabaret.com about a week later.

http://tragicsunshine.blogspot.com/ has larger images.

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