Friday, April 24, 2009

Experiment 626 Is Finally Here, And It Brought Friends

Finally! These look really cool

I’ve never even seen Lilo and Stitch, so my love of this format has no foundation in narrative or nostalgia - I just really dig the Stitch toy. It’s like a Munny that doesn’t suck. Honestly, it’s really hard to make a Munny look good, but maybe that’s just me hitting a monkey-saturation point. No one likes monkey saturation.

With the arrival of MINDstyle’s oft-diverted Experiment 626 Project tour at Florida’s FX show, we get the added bonus of the first appearance of the Experiment 626 Project Artist Series figures, and they’re killer.

At 5” tall and $25 each, it’s definitely a fair buy - especially when Ron English pieces usually run many multiples higher than said price. With two by English, and four more pieces by Angry Woebots, Peekaboo Monster, kaNO and Buff Monster, it’s a diverse and really neat set. All five artists will be at FX for signings, and if you can’t make it to the show, MINDstyle promises that these six will be available at general retail over the summer.

It’s a shame that The Disney Store isn’t around quite as much anymore, because those guys always had the most interesting exclusive toys, and these wouldn’t be an exception. No word on blanks or further figures, but it’d be crazy to not capitalize on this cross-marketing that this whole project presents.

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