Thursday, October 18, 2018

Arctic Monkeys Los Angeles Posters By Neal Williams Release

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Arctic Monkeys played two nights at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and Neal Williams created an incredible diptych set of posters.

Posters are 18" x 24" each, six colors on 100 lb. Cougar Natural paper.
Signed and numbered in an artist edition of 100.

Foil Variant
Signed and numbered in an artist edition of 20.

On sale Thursday, October 18 at 9AM PDT. at

Darin Shock Ween & The Shit Creek Boys Nashville Posters Release

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Darin Shock will be dropping his Ween prints, from their recent 2 night run in Nashville. And I must these are brilliant, like they came off the wall at Sun Records.

Each poster is  24x18" and a 4 color screen print, regular edition (on a dull gold foil) and a few variants (on a shiny gold foil).

On sale Thursday at 2pm ET

More Queens of the Stone Age 2018 Australian & New Zealand Tour Posters

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Beyond the Pale has released more Queens of the Stone Age posters from their recent tour down under with art by Ben Brown, Vance Kelly and Matt Taylor.

QOTSA, Sydney Aug 31st 2018.
Featuring Joshua Homme
Designed by Sydney artist Ben Brown.
Limited Edition 5 Colour Silkscreen
Size: 18" x 24"

Rainbow Foil Variant Ltd Edition of 60

QOTSA - Brisbane 2018.
Art by UK's Matt Taylor.
Limited Edition Silkscreen
18" x 24"

18" x 24" Limited Edition of 50

QOTSA, Sydney Sept 1st 2018
Art: Vance Kelly
Limited Edition Silkscreen 18" X 24"

Due to logistics none of these posters are signed by the artist.

Buy them at Beyond The Pale HERE.

Munk One blink 182 Windsor Ontario Poster Release

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Next up for release are Munk One's AP's from the cancelled June 2nd blink-182 show in Windsor Ontario Canada. This show along with it's subsequent rescheduled date were cancelled so these are very rare prints indeed.

AP Edition of 50
Foil AP Edition of 20

Limited edition numbered AP's and Variants signed by Munk One will be available while supplies last.
Release date: Thursday Oct.​ 18th, 2018 after 10am PDT at

Foo Fighters Detroit Print By Jeff Wood Release

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Jeff Wood designed the poster for the recent Foo Fighters concert in Detroit and now you will have a chance to get one.

Poster is 12 x 36" screen print
SN/50 Artist Edition on Cougar White paper - $60
SN/35 Artist Edition on Hologram Rainbow Foil paper - $100

Available THURSDAY, OCT. 18 3pm EDT on the web site!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Three moe. Posters By Half Hazard Press Release

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Half Hazard Press has some new gig posters available Thursday, Oct 18, at 11am CDT at

moe. - Portland, OR | 18”x24”, 3-color screen print, AP edition of 20 standard and 5 foil variants. Signed and numbered by artist Joel Hunter.

moe. - Eugene, OR  18”x24”  3-color screen print  AP edition of 20 standard & 5 foil variants. Signed and numbered by artist Joel Hunter.

moe. - Missoula, MT 18”x24” 3-color screen print AP edition of 20 standard & 5 foil variants. Signed and numbered by artist Joel Hunter.

Hero Complex Gallery HALLOWEEN H40 40th ANNIVERSARY ARTWORK On Sale

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The H40 convention in Pasadena is officially a wrap so Hero Complex Gallery wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the booth to say hello to visiting artists James Rheem Davis, Melvin Mago & Vance Kelly...and also wanted to thank all of the incredible artists involved in this exhibition.  And without further ado, here is the H40 print collection, HCG hope you enjoy the incredible work that these artists created for this event!

Buy them at

Ashleigh Izienicki Queen of Ice and Snow Print Release By PangeaSeed

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PangeaSeed are pleased to announce the latest print of the Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously - Vol. 4 print suite by guest artist Ashleigh Izienicki (USA).

"Queen of Ice and Snow" by Ashleigh Izienicki (USA) highlights the iconic polar bear, a marine mammal that has become the poster child of climate change classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Fine art giclée print on 315 gsm Etching Cotton Rag
16.5" x 20.25” / 42 x 51.5 cm
Edition of 77 + 8 APs
Signed & Numbered

Artist Statement
Polar Bears are the most beautiful and fearsome creatures that walk this earth today, yet we don’t know how much longer they are going to be here. The ongoing climate change has depleted their hunting grounds, where they spend most of their lives walking among the sea and ice.

This loss has driven polar bears to starvation and pushed these solitary animals closer together. Mother polar bears now have to protect their young from the starving competitors around them.

For this illustration, I decided to depict the ferocity and spirit of the polar bear mom, a true queen in her own right, as she defends her young from any threat. I wanted to represent the polar bear as something beautiful, strong and resilient, just as they are in real life. If we take action today, we can help these remarkable creatures continue to rule over their ice kingdom indefinitely.- Ashleigh Izienicki -
Buy it at

Armando Chainsawhands The Kiss Originals and HPMs

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It's been awhile since Armando Chainsawhands released a print, as he been working on commissions and originals and small batches of originals/hand-painted multiples. The first batch of originals/HPMs are for sale RIGHT NOW and are titled The Kiss and are spray paint stencils on a spray painted background, using Montana Glitter Effect and Montana Holographic Glitter Effect spray paint on the stenciled parts, so they really pop!

The paper originals are 8.5" x 11" on Canson 185 gsm fine art paper with Montana Glitter Effect spray paint on the stenciled part, giving it a glossy, translucent look with silver-colored glitter particles for a sparkle effect. And there are 6-7 different colors to chose from.

The wood originals are 9" x 12" by 1.5" deep on basswood panel cradled with a pine frame with Montana Holographic Glitter Effect spray paint, giving it a glossy, translucent rainbow of color depending on the angle of view due to the holographic glitter particles.

The paper pieces are $40 and the wood pieces are $60 and are available for sale RIGHT NOW at

Jay Ryan Wolfenoot Poster

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According to the all-knowing internet, there is a new holiday to be celebrated starting this year, which honors the spirit of the Great Wolf. (Jay Ryan was not previously aware of any specific Great Wolf). The holiday is celebrated through small presents left about the home for those who love dogs. There is eating of roasted meats or meat substitutes. There is general affection for dogs. It is a holiday we can all get behind. It is called WOLFENOOT, and it was invented by a seven-year-old human child (who is not his own seven-year-old child, but seems to have similar interests). It is pronounced "Wolf-a-noot". Any and all informations can be found at Jay made some prints to honor the first annual Wolfenoot, and are donating $5 from each sale to his local animal shelter, - where Jay painted a mural in 2018 in Skokie, IL.

Poster is 18" by 24". Two screens on French Speckletone cover stock. Signed and numbered edition of 105.

Buy it at

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Avett Brothers Duluth Print By Zeb Love Release

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Zeb Love will be selling his latest poster for The Avett Brothers on Thursday October 18 at Noon EDT .

They are 18x24" Silkscreened posters.
Regular Edition of 200 (much less online) - $40
Variant Edition of 36 - $55

In addition to these posters, he has also added some brand new hand made notebooks. These were all made from recycled test prints/gigposter screw ups. Each pack is unique. They are available right now

Single Large Books - $8
3 Pack Pocket Books - $20

Grey Matter Art NYCC Movie Poster Part 2 Release

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Grey Matter Art will be releasing Part 2 of their NYCC 2018 exclusives, featuring so many great artists, such as Tom Whalen, Doaly, Andy Fairhurst, Dan Mumford, Matt Ferguson, and Juan Esteban Rodriguez! These are leftover from NYCC, so quantity is limited.

Posters go on sale Wednesday, October 17th at 1PM EDT on the GMA Website.

Below is a detailed list of the exclusives that will be released.

Black Panther Regular Edition by Tom Whalen
24" x 36" screen-print
hand numbered regular edition: 225/$45.00

Black Panther Variant Edition by Tom Whalen
24" x 36" screen-print
hand numbered variant edition: 100/$60.00

Spider-Man by Doaly
18" x 24" screen-print
hand numbered edition: 125/$40.00

Venom/Carnage by Andy Fairhurst
12" x 24" giclee (255 gsm somerset velvet paper)
hand numbered edition: 125/$35.00 each or $60.00/set
printed by Grey Matter

Avengers: Infinity War Regular Edition by Dan Mumford
18" x 24" screen-print
hand numbered regular edition: 200/$45.00

Avengers: Infinity War Variant Edition by Dan Mumford
18" x 24" screen-print
hand numbered variant edition: 100/$55.00

The Avengers by Matt Ferguson
50 cm x 70 cm screen-print
hand numbered edition: 275/$50.00
(a small allotment released exclusively during Matt's signing)
printed by Lady Lazarus

Robocop Regular Edition by Juan Esteban Rodriguez
24" x 36" screen-print
hand numbered regular edition: 150/$45.00

Mark Dean Veca Skull, 2008-18 Art Print

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In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Phantasmagoria, 2008, Mark Dean Veca's installation at Otis College of Art and Design, he is releasing this print of one of the paintings he incorporated into it.

Mark on the print:
The painting, Skull, 2008, used Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God as a found compositional structure for improvisational line work.

The exhibition opened at my alma mater in Los Angeles on October 11th, 2008, as a component of the Jennifer Howard Coleman Distinguished Lectureship and Residency and was curated by Meg Linton.
Skull, 2008-18
Archival UltraChrome print
13 x 19”
Edition of 130 Signed and numbered by the artist

Available now at

Karl Fitzgerald Death Cab for Cutie Brooklyn Poster Release

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Karl Fitzgerald has really branched out this year with his recent foray into gig posters and like the others this one is stellar.

The poster is 5 color screen print measuring 18 x 24 inches on whitewash paper. Hand-numbered AP edition of 50.

On sale Tuesday at noon EDT at

Monday, October 15, 2018

NIN Morrison Print By Todd Slater

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Todd Slater has released his latest poster for Nine Inch Nails and their show at Red Rocks. 'Black and Cold and Infinite', is the title of NIN's current tour and the starting point for for his imagery.

Poster is 24 x 18 inches, a 6 silk screen with 1-100 signed APs being sold by Todd.

Buy it at

Foo Fighters Kansas City Print By Gary Houston Release

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Foo Fighters had legendary poster artist Gary Houston design the print for the recent concert in Kansas City.

The poster is 18” x 26” 5 color silk screen on 80# neenah venus violet cover stock.
115 artist edition
8 foil artist edition and according to Gary they have a slight bend in the top right hand corner. It’s the way the stock was shipped and he was between a rock and a hard place… had to use it, very minor, but he wants to be honest on the condition of them.

On sale Monday at be sure to check out all his other great work while you are there.

Static Born & Raised Gallery Show In York

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The Art of Protest Gallery York is proud to bring Scarborough duo STATIC back to the North for their first solo exhibition in their home county. This follows exhibitions in Asia, the U.S and most recently in London.

Street artists Craig Evans and Tom Jackson have been working together under the name STATIC since 2006. Earlier this year, they were part of the UK’s leading mural festival in Bristol, Upfest; as well as joining the artistic protest in Bethlehem, ignited by the opening of the BANKSY hotel. Now for the first time in their long and successful career they have a solo exhibition in their home county of Yorkshire. During their residency in York STATIC will paint a floor mural in The Art of Protest Gallery and a wall mural at Brew York as part of the continuing public art program instigated by The Art of Protest since their opening 2 years ago.

STATIC’s studio work is created using a combination of screen printed and stencil/spray painted techniques. They also produce layered glass artworks which play with space and how a perceived 2D visuals can shift to reveal a 3D picture.

Their very first print - the Chinook Chandelier - quickly became an important motif of their work and has appeared across the world including this year’s UPFEST. They painted a mural using patterns found in their latest body of work and a 5ft stencil of the signature Chinook Chandelier.

Craig Humble, co-founder of The Art of Protest Gallery said “The exhibition, although focusing on new spray and collage work based on Modern Muses & Connexions will also work as a mini retrospective. This way the gallery can show STATIC’s journey and successes down south and around the world over the past 12 years including key signature themes, like the Chinook Chandelier which have had so much coverage in Bethlehem and Bristol.”

Jeff Clarke, the other partner of The Art of Protest Gallery, added “We love the way STATIC react to the ephemera of our everyday environments. The Connections pieces in the show started as a commission project with Network Rail where the guys have described the journey between York and Kings Cross through patches of pattern and design encountered on a specific journey.”

STATIC said: “The Chinook Chandelier has been our logo since we started working as STATIC back in 2006. It came about from us bouncing simple images and ideas back and forth between us and has appeared in many guises down the years.

“There’s two parts to it and individually they have their own meanings but when combined those associations are altered and flipped on their head. We think it’s a positive message and have always received a good response from members of the public who have seen us painting or pasting them up and we’ve always enjoyed reinventing it and reinterpreting it depending on what style or direction we’re working in.”

STATIC are also the Co-founders of a community street art project called Wood Street Walls, which uses street art to drive awareness & funding for community schemes and projects involving children and education.

While in town they will be painting 2 murals and preparing some surprises for you in the space, so stay tuned to keep up to date! Show opens Friday with preview on Thursday. Contact Craig or Jeff to RSVP for the Private View on Thursday 18th October!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Gabba Gallery Tetralogy Show with Jim Pollock AJ Masthay Jermaine Rogers and Joey Feldman

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Join Gabba Gallery for Tetralogy! Featuring four superstars in the contemporary poster art industry Jim Pollock, AJ Masthay, Jermaine Rogers, and Joey Feldman.

Pre-Show Print Sale and Sign
What: Artist meet-and-greet, print sale, and signing.
When: October 13th, 1-4PM
Where: Gabba Salon (adjacent to the main gallery).
3126 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles 90057

6AM - Line formation allowed
10AM - ticketed bracelets assigned
12PM - return to Gabba with bracelet
1PM - doors open (10 people at a time)
Only new prints will be available during this time.
1 print version is allowed per guest. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase additional prints of the same version, if available, during  normal show hours at 7-11PM.

Pollock, Masthay, and Feldman will be on site for a meet and greet, and to add a little hand embellishment to your new print. Due to expected high volume, please be gracious for the amount of time available for each artist to spend on a print. The rest of the exhibition will not be open to view during the pre-show print sale.

What: Tetralogy: A set of four related symptoms or abnormalities frequently occurring together.
When: October 13, 7-11PM
Where: Gabba Gallery
3126 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles 90057

Pollock, Masthay, Rogers, and Feldman will convene at Gabba Gallery, each showcasing his own individual collection.

Expect to see original fine art, screen prints, test prints, gig posters, art toys, doodled and defaced prints, and other rare treasures from the artists’ personal archives.

Additionally, for Tetralogy, each artist created a portrait of one of the other artists in the show.

Joey Feldman  will have two new original works of art will be on display and for sale along with print editions.

More pictures and info go to

Matthew Johnson Haunted Collection Print Release

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Matthew Johnson just released his Haunted Collection of prints and shirts. He has nine new 9x12 screen prints on 100# black paper that are now available on his website at They’re all open edition, signed, and are only $15.

ASVP and Rick Nielsen Checkered Past Poster

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This poster is based on the custom Les Paul guitar design by ASVP and Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, this print edition is an ode to Nielsen's personal style.

"Two years ago we were paired with Rick Nielsen to create a custom Les Paul guitar for VH1 Save the Music Foundation’s 20th anniversary. The Checkered Past design we created for the guitar was based on Rick's tongue-in-cheek personality and well-known love of skulls and checkers on his clothing and guitars over the years." -ASVP

Each print is signed by ASVP and Rick Nielsen
One-color metallic silkscreen print with UV coating on 100% archival paper
18 x 24 inches | Limited Edition of 100

Buy it at Poster Child Prints HERE.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Rhys Cooper QOTSA Mebourne & Hobart Posters Release

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Beyond the Pale are releasing some more Queens of the Stone Age posters by Rhys Cooper.

2018, Melbourne, Australia
Art: Rhys Cooper
6 Color Ltd Edition Silkscreen.
Signed & Numbered Edition of 250 much less available
12 x 36 inch
USA $ 40.00

Edition of 50, much less available here
USA $ 55.00

Tasmania 2018

This poster was for an acoustic gig to raise funds for sick children in the Hobart Hospital.
‘The forest Siren has a crown of Blue gum flowers,Tasmania's state flower, and the Ptunarra Brown Butterfly which is only found in Tasmania and is a listed threatened species is being protected’

Josh Homme’s comment on seeing this was “This is perfect”

Art: Rhys Cooper
6 Color Ltd Edition Silkscreen.
Signed & Numbered Edition of 250 much less available here
12 x 36 inch
USA $ 45.00

Tasmania MONA Gallery.
Edition of 50, much less available
USA $ 65

On sale Thursday Australia time and Wednesday afternoon US time at

Lava Skull Foilz Hand Painted Multiples Release

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It's that time of year for fun creepy art, just not GOP level creepy.

So I grabbed some spray paint, a stencil and some Lava Foil paper and created Lava Skull Foilz.

Most have an edition of only 3 some are one of kind and some are done with fluorescent spray paint that looks sick under a black light. You have 7 different colors to choose from. There is even an option to have a custom one done with the color or colors you want.

They measure a frame friendly 12 x 12 inches as well.

Buy them at Inside The Poster.

Grey Matter Art NYCC Posters Release Part 1

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Now that NYCC has come and gone, Grey Matter Art will be releasing Part 1 of their leftover exclusives. They can't thank everyone enough who came by the booth and supported us this year. They had such a great turnout, so thank you to the fans/collectors that made it possible, you're all great! And a big shout out to all of the artist's who worked with them and also came to do signings.

Thanos by Dave Perillo
12" x 24" screen-print (on metallic gold paper)
hand numbered edition: 125/$40.00

"Predator" by Chris Thornley (Raid71)
24" x 36" screen-print
hand numbered edition: 175/$45.00
printed by VG Kids

Avengers Infinity War by Andy Fairhurst
24" x 18" giclee ( 255 gsm somerset velvet paper)
hand numbered edition: 175/$40.00

"Thor: Ragnarok" Variant GID Edition by Matt Ferguson
24" x 36" GID screen-print
hand numbered edition: 175/$60.00
printed by Lady Lazarus

Venom by Robert Bruno
13" x 19" giclee (255 gsm somerset velvet paper)
hand numbered edition: 125/$35.00

Part 1 exclusives will be released on Thursday, October 11th at 1PM est. on the GMA Website.

Francisco Ramirez Red Chevy Pickup Print

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Old trucks are steeped in character in large part to incredible design.  Francisco Ramirez captured it in his new print Red Chevy Pickup, It is a 4 color print measuring 18x24 inches. Signed & numbered edition of 12.

Be sure to check out his MC50 poster while you're there also. 

Buy it at

Gregg Gordon Death Cab For Cutie St Paul Poster Release

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Gregg Gordon of Gigart designed a poster for the recent Death Cab For Cutie shows in the St Paul.

Gregg on the idea for the poster:
This poster was created for the two DCFC shows in St. Paul, MN on October 5 & 6, 2018.

The idea was to create one poster that could be used for both nights.
If you look at this image one way, you see more nature, peaceful, daytime, soft images.
But when you flip the poster around, you see a more industrial, city, night scene of St. Paul, MN.

This bridge with the couple under it is based off the Cozy Lake Bridge in Como Park, St. Paul, MN.

The bridge on the second night is based off the High Bridge in St. Paul, with the skyline of downtown St. Paul.
 Size: 18X24 Inch / 6 Color Silk Screen Print
Printed on French Cream Speckletone Paper & Rainbow Holographic Foil Paper

On sale Wednesday at 10 am PDT at