Monday, October 22, 2018

Crosshair Lucerom The National & More Posters

Lucero commissioned Crosshair to create the official poster for their performance at Metro, Chicago, at the end of September. Some of you have the last one Dan MacAdam did for these guys, back in 2012. He returned to the (aesthetically) fertile Calumet River area for this exemplar of classic Crosshair style. You might want to claim yours before it sells out like the old one did.

Still in stock: The National at Lollapalooza (just 4 copies left!), Eric Church "Desperate Man" fanclub issue prints, Mastodon, Two Jeff Tweedy posters... The last of the Sigur Ros posters and the Eliminator Jr and Weight art prints... Crosshair hopper T's... all of these are in the Crosshair Design shop until they're not anymore.

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