Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Avett Brothers Bowling Green Print By Darin Shock Release

Darin Shock will be be dropping his recent Avett Brothers Bowling Green poster Tuesday.

According to Darin this is a special one for him:
As a Kentucky boy, I was excited to get the call on this one. I grew up about an hour from Bowling Green and the first thing I think of regarding that city is the Corvette. If you aren't aware, Corvettes are exclusively manufactured there (plus they have the Corvette Museum) so I found it fitting to depict Joe Kwon cruising along in one on his way to the gig. On a side note...I also had the opportunity to drop the kids off at my folk's and head down to the gig with the Mrs. (though in a Subaru...they're way cooler!). These guys always put on an amazing show. The theater was intimate, the crowd was enthusiastic and respectful, and the band was fantastic!
Posters measure 24x18" and they are 6 color screen prints.
There will be a regular edition, matrix foil and rainbow foil and all are signed & numbered by Darin.

Available at 2pm EDT Tuesday in his store at https://www.stateofshockstudios.com

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