Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Best Friends Forever Print By David Welker Release

David Welker is releasing a great print this week titled Best Friends Forever.

Some details from David:
Every now and then I see a concept or an image very clearly in my mind and I'll attempt to transpose it to paper before it changes or dissipates. With this recent piece that I'm affectionately calling "Best Friends Forever" I was able to capture and recreate the image from my minds eye almost precisely as I saw it. I've always been fascinated with the true relationships between opposing forces, contradictions and the dual nature of the universe we live in. Even without the misconceptions of our limited human perspective, duality can often be very perplexing. Balancing all the contradictions in life doesn't always seem like a harmonious prospect. At the risk of sounding idealogical or pedagogical I'd like to offer a suggestion. There is a warm, fuzzy, ghostly, blurry and sublime partnership going on at all times between light and dark forces just like the fading afterglow of the sun at dusk giving way to the night. It's not a war. It's an agreement. A relationship. Similarly we ourselves are a combination of various degrees of good and bad. We are not one or the other. The ideologies that divide and separate us into opposing sides and divergent categories and conflicting social identities do us a great disservice. By the same token our archetypal notions of divinity being diametrically opposed to our human perspectives of evil are equally banal. So I present to you a serious yet lighthearted, deep yet shallow, happy yet sad, bright yet dark, ironic yet sincere, depiction of the duplicitous yet harmonious relationship between our old buddies and perennial best friends Good and Evil, Yin and Yang, God and the Devil, Angel and Demon, Hatfield and McCoy, Republican and Democrat, Dog and Mailman, Police and Thief, Yankee and Red Sox and every other glorious rivalry that makes this world so wonderfully perplexing.
Print Details
Best Friends Forever
Screen print on 134# Crane's Crest Fluorescent White 100% cotton paper
10 x 10 inches
Signed and hand numbered edition of 180

 Best Friends Forever - Metallic Variant
Metallic screen print on 134# Crane's Crest Fluorescent White 100% cotton paper
10 x 10 inches
Signed and hand numbered edition of 90

They will be available on his web store on Thursday, October 25th at 12PM ET.

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