Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Ashleigh Izienicki Queen of Ice and Snow Print Release By PangeaSeed

PangeaSeed are pleased to announce the latest print of the Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously - Vol. 4 print suite by guest artist Ashleigh Izienicki (USA).

"Queen of Ice and Snow" by Ashleigh Izienicki (USA) highlights the iconic polar bear, a marine mammal that has become the poster child of climate change classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Fine art giclée print on 315 gsm Etching Cotton Rag
16.5" x 20.25” / 42 x 51.5 cm
Edition of 77 + 8 APs
Signed & Numbered

Artist Statement
Polar Bears are the most beautiful and fearsome creatures that walk this earth today, yet we don’t know how much longer they are going to be here. The ongoing climate change has depleted their hunting grounds, where they spend most of their lives walking among the sea and ice.

This loss has driven polar bears to starvation and pushed these solitary animals closer together. Mother polar bears now have to protect their young from the starving competitors around them.

For this illustration, I decided to depict the ferocity and spirit of the polar bear mom, a true queen in her own right, as she defends her young from any threat. I wanted to represent the polar bear as something beautiful, strong and resilient, just as they are in real life. If we take action today, we can help these remarkable creatures continue to rule over their ice kingdom indefinitely.- Ashleigh Izienicki -
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