Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Impossible Octophant Print Project By Phineas X. Jones

Phineas X. Jones has a project he needs your help with, here are the details from him:

Earlier this year, I was pleased to be commissioned by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events to create a piece for public consumption and edification. "The Impossible Octophant" has been on display at the Van Buren Metra stop just south of the Art Institute of Chicago for the duration of the Summer of 2012. For one glorious season, this unlikely zoological amalgam has been confusing tourists and locals alike - but it will be coming down in a few weeks and I don't want the magic to end.
My Octophant started as a screen print, he's had four subsequent screen print incarnations, and I think this version needs to be a screen print as well. But this will be a rather more complicated screen printing task than I normally undertake myself. To that end I have enlisted the amazing printing skills and experience of Mr. Dan MacAdam of Crosshair Silkscreen Design to help me make this image the most impressive printed reality possible.
But Dan's printing mastery does not come cheaply, and neither do paper and other supplies. So, just to cover the upfront costs of this I am using Indiegogo as a way to take pre-orders of this print. With a sufficient number of pre-orders printing and supply costs can be covered from the outset, and you (assuming you are pre-ordering) can be sure to get what is going to be a very impressive print.

 What is it I am pre-ordering, again?

The end result of this project will be a stack of "The Impossible Octophant" screen prints. They will be:
  • 20" x 18.75"
  • Printed on French 100 Lb. Cover cardstock
  • At least 10 screens
  • Signed and Numbered. I am expecting an edition ~200, but if demand is high it could be larger. However, it will be a strictly limited edition and there will not be another printing.
So, how much?Pre-orders for this print will be $45 per print. This will include priority USPS shipping in the US or first-class shipping to Canada. International pre-orders will be $50 to cover the extra shipping cost.
And note that the cost of the print after pre-ordering has closed will be higher.

So go HERE to help him out 

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