Friday, October 24, 2014

Crosshair Eliminator Jr & Spoon Posters

Dan MacAdam of Crosshair recently had his first solo of his work.  The opening of This Is The Place, his solo show at IPMM in Chicago.  If you're in town and haven't seen it yet, the gallery is open 9-5 weekdays and you can just walk in.  It's in the Green Exchange building at 2545 W. Diversey, on the 2nd floor.

The IPMM show also debuted a new/old print, Eliminator Jr.  This is the often-requested art print version of a QOTSA poster Dan did back in 2008, with some minor tweaks and altogether better execution to bring it up to the current Crosshair standard.  It's named after a Sonic Youth song, which in turn is a nod to the ZZ Top album Eliminator, the cover of which bears it more than a passing resemblance.  But where ZZ's Eliminator glistens with cocaine/drum machine relentlessness, and SY's song threatens you with a pipe-wrench assault, this print's menace is murkier and more implied than stated, like a dormant demon encased in a rusty shell.  You'll want one of course.  Available in the Crosshair Shop beginning...NOW!

Dan also has 3 new posters for Spoon and one for Deer Tick. They are all on sale now at the link above.

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