Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chris Bolduc To Cross A Threshold Print

Another new artist contacted me recently with his latest release. Chris Bolduc has added a second print titled To Cross A Threshold to his store. The print is a screen print on French's Speckletone true white paper. Edition of 25, 15"x21".

I asked Chris about the print:
I am working on this series of poster prints as a conceptual basis for a more involved project in the near future (graphic novel). To Cross A Threshold as a title is a direct reference to Joesph Campbell's mythological framework, and implies the willingness or choice to step over the line and commit to the hero's journey.

The world I am creating is a dark fantasy focusing on mythological plant species, ritual drug experimentation, and magical transformations and To Cross A Threshold is the first step on this trip. A cloaked figure, some what deforming, crosses into an alcove from which a mist is emanating. A group of cacti in the foreground, bristle with energy and a pool of subterranean water reflects nearby.
Buy it at http://www.ivwands.com/

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