Friday, October 17, 2014

Malleus Clive Barker Nightbreed Poster Release

Malleus has just finished the printing of another handmade silkscreen poster in collaboration with Century Guild Gallery. It’s the second work dedicated to a Clive Barker’s movie and this time, after Jacqueline Ess (in pre-production now), they’ve put their creative talents to work on the great “Nightbreed”, taken from the novel Cabal.
It’s a hell of a movie, really a great story and superb direction.

Anyway, Malleus have been really inspired by it and they came out with a very iconic design. It’s a 3 color poster representing the world of Midian in its essence, behind a graveyard, hidden in the underground.

The special limited edition of only 139 posters was created for Seraphim Films and Century Guild. One hundred copies will be available October 28 at NOON PDT at, while Malleus will have 30 pieces in their webstore for the European fans.

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