Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ken Taylor Primus Tucson Poster

Here is Saturday night's Tuscon Primus Poster it is a varmintly tragic, 7 color screenprint by the heavyweight Austrialian based poster artist, Ken Taylor.

It features an Arizona Ringtailed cat blissfully unaware he is about to get chomped by a nasty ol' huntin' trap. The Ringtail Cat is Arizona's official state mammal, is known as a pest to farmers and emits a foul odor. Regardless of their name, Ringtail Cats are not related to the cat family. They are actually members of the raccoon family.

100 hand printed, hand numbered posters were on sale at the show with an artist variant and regular edition to be on sale soon.

Zoltron was real happy to get Ken to do a poster in the series. See more of his work here:

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