Tuesday, May 21, 2013

David Welker Built To Spill & Black Keys Foil Posters on sale today

David Welker is releasing a couple of posters and a print today, one of the them his first ever on Foil paper. 

First up is the poster for one of David's favorite bands, Built To Spill. The poster for the recent Denver show is 12x21" three color metallic screen print in an edition of 90.

I asked David the idea behind the design, here is what he said:
The concept has to do with unlocking mysticism in daily life. For me the interplay between Doug Martsch's lyrics and his guitar playing mirrors a certain leap of consciousness that happens when you have an epiphany during a mundane task. When we remove the veil of one reality we find a thousand other realities all happening at the same time.
When I was a kid I had a recurring dream about 3 UFO's hovering over my backyard. It was always the same "first contact" sort of thrill and it was always comforting to know we were being visited.
The Built To Spill song "Going Against Your Mind" eludes to a similar notion.  
When I was a kid I saw a light
Floating high above the trees one night
Thought ‘twas an alien
Turned out to be just god

 Next up is one people have been asking for like crazy. The Black Keys Montreal Foil variant 16x22" Screen Print Edition of 30

Once A Lizard Line Art
17x23" metallic screen print
Edition of 20
These all go on sale at 3pm EDT today at DavidWelker.com

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