Sunday, May 26, 2013

Winners of the Darin Shock Victory Entourage Poster

Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend and not burning your BBQ. We have winners of the Darin Shock Victory poster. Not to sound sexist in anyway but I know it's mostly guys that do read the blog, so I was a little surprised more comments were not for Sloan. Her and Eric were always my favorites.

So with that being said, LLIW with comment #6 is one of the winners since he mentioned Sloan first.

the_nixter with comment #4
Al with comment #18 is the other winner

The winner from Darin's Facebook Page is Rory Middleton

I need the 3 of you to email me your address and I will be sending the poster out to you. My email is to the right at the top.

THANK YOU again to Darin Shock for providing the posters for the giveaway. If you want to join the entourage he still has some for sale on his website HERE

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