Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tom Bagshaw Cassandra Print On Sale

1xRUN are excited to welcome back British artist Tom Bagshaw for his fourth RUN! With his debut RUN "All These Devils" Bagshaw paid homage to a saintly sinner of the adult world, his second RUN one of his favorite old Master painters with Pandora. Now, with his latest piece, Tom Bagshaw has brought us a new painting focused and as beautiful as ever.

"This piece was initially a concept about prophecy/divination and evolved into a piece that combined a variety of religious symbolism with feminine beauty. The title was in part a reference to the Greek legend of Cassandra, who was 'gifted' with prophecy but obviously her story isn't exactly a pleasant one! The title is also coincidentally the name of the model in the piece!" - Tom Bagshaw

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