Thursday, May 16, 2013

Frank Kozik The Mermaid Parade Poster To Help Rebuild Coney Island USA

As most of you know last year Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, severely damaging the Coney Island Sideshow and many beloved Coney landmarks.

Repairing the Coney Island USA headquarters after the Hurricane has left them without the necessary funds to put on this year’s Mermaid Parade.

So when Coney Island USA approached Frank Kozik about doing a poster to help their current Kickstarter campaign he jumped at the chance.

For this print Frank decided to design it in his traditional style. The entire piece was hand illustrated then cleaned up and vectorized for print. The wizards over at Monolith Press in Alameda are printing it.

Total run will be 300, 22.5 inch x 35 inch, 12 color silkscreen prints. 200 are available as a Kickstarter reward for the $100 level, and a color variant run of 100 will be available directly from Frank later this summer.

Whether or not you care about sideshows or burlesque girls or hot dogs or rattling ancient wood roller coasters, Coney Island represents a side of America worth preserving. The side that welcomes regular folks, winks at dirty jokes and enjoys a beer in the sun. The side that is still run largely by locals, mom and pops, and single owner operators.

Please help support Coney Island, Mermaids and America!
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