Friday, May 24, 2013

blink-182 Oklahoma Charity Poster & Shirts

Press release from blink-182 on the groups efforts to help those effected by the tornado in Oklahoma:

Blink-182 in an effort to help out the victims of the tragic Oklahoma Tornado on May 20.2013 have just released their line of posters and t-shirts with artwork by artist and friend Brandon Heart.

"Oklahoma has been great to us over the years. There is no way that we would not be there for the fans and citizens of this great state in their time of need."
- blink-182

One Hundred percent of the proceeds raised from these items along with the signed merchandise that is available for auction on ebay will be donated to those in need.

We realize times are tough and money it tight but if you can not purchase anything you can pass this information along by posting on you blog, social networks, or just emailing a friend.

On behalf of our family, Team-182 thank you.

Link to the online merchandise for sale:

Auction Items:
A Signed Fender Bass:

Mark's signed dirty shoes from the 2011 North American Tour:

A Hand Painted one of a kind blink-182 bunny. Artwork by Brandon Heart:

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