Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Half Hazard Press Yonder Mountain String Band Boulder Posters

Half Hazard Press have a new set of simply amazing looking posters. This is a 4 -panel poster series they did for Yonder Mountain String Band and their New Years shows at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO. When shown together, the four panels depict a pair of bison defending their calf from attacking wolves. The panels are also split so the two for 2015 have the bison as the victim in the narrative, while the panels in 2016 show the bison fending off the wolf to signify overcoming the hardships of one year and looking forward to a better one ahead.

The standard editions are printed on French Speckletone Cream, and will have AP editions of 25, available for $40 individually, or $140 for the complete set.

They will also have a metallic variant printed on Curious Metallics White Gold paper, that will have AP editions of 15, available for $50 individually, or $160 for the set.

Each panel is a 12.5”x25”, 4-color screen print, available Jan 21 at 9am central at

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