Monday, January 18, 2016

Guy Burwell Van Morrison Los Angeles Poster

It's not very often you see a poster for a Van Morrison show. Guy Burwell was asked to do the poster for the show in Los Angeles at The Shrine Auditorium for two nights this month.

There are three color way for this print, with each night of the shows in Los Angeles having their own color version in editions of 175 with some sales benefiting victims of the recent Paris attacks. Show edition prints were accented either Emerald Green or Deep Red.

The third color way in Burnt Orange is exclusive to and will be the ONLY version available through this sale. All prints are signed and numbered in a small edition of only 50 prints!

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His sales through Peoples' Art of Portland also helps Peoples' keep delivering a unique resource to Portland in the form of an all-discipline and all-level access point for artists and art lovers of any age and any level of skill. Join the group, attend the gallery, meet new friends, make your art, be in a show, sell for millions, gain international fame and success, solve all of the world's problems and secure humanity's expansion into the Universe. It's just that easy. Located in the center of downtown Portland at the pinnacle of Pioneer Place under the Giant Jewel Sky Window/Roof.

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