Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jonny Alexander We're All Home, Floating Around On This Piece Of Stone Print

Jonny Alexander has released a new screen print with 1xRUN titled We're All Home, Floating Around On This Piece Of Stone. You have your choice of Grey Edition or a Hand embellished edition.

 "This piece is a continuation of my last release “Outdoor Innerspace” also depicting an astronaut. It’s a playful way of looking at perception and exploration. This image, “We’re All Home, Floating Around on This Piece of Stone” comes from the thought that we are all here on this one piece of rock together floating through space. The astronaut is holding a piece of stone and inspecting it. It’s an ode to going out and exploring the place we live and being as intrigued as you would floating around finding space rocks.

This started out with an ink drawing on paper with the intention of making it into a multi-layer screen print. It was finished as a 6 layer print using 3 different fountain blends (gradients) within in the print. Each piece is hand pulled right in the studio at 1XRun in Detroit." - Jonny Alexander

Buy it at 1xRUN.com

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