Friday, January 8, 2016

Jim Mahfood Futuristic Dragon Hand-Embellished Prints & Original Art Release

Jim Mahfood is releasing a new hand embellished print through 1xRUN and a bunch of original art as well. 
I have a crew of girl characters called the Bubble Gum Gangsters and this girl is part of that crew. They get magical powers from this special bubble gum they chew and then go on crazy psychedelic adventures.

I don’t overthink things, I just sit down, turn on some really loud music and draw what ever is in my head at the time. It’s named Futuristic Dragon after the T. Rex LP with the same title. I was listening to lots of 70’s acid rock at the time." - Jim Mahfood
This print and 23 pieces of original art will be on sale at NOON EST on Friday at

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