Monday, February 25, 2013

Eric Church & Zac Brown Band Posters by Matt Leunig On Sale

Details from Matt Leunig on the new posters :

Hey hosers, the Eric Church train has come around again and this time it’s going to Canada. 2 new prints, for the latest tour….. Lethbridge, SK & Regina, AB which are both going down this weekend. These make the 3rd tour & 6th poster I’ve done for Church and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response to not just my prints but all the artists prints involved in these tours. People seem to love em’ and the guy has a massive following.

Both prints are 3-color (18′x24′) and signed / AP (Artist Prints). For those who are unfamiliar, “Artist Prints” are the artist copies allotted to them from the same print run as the “numbered” edition. Basically, a band asks for blank amount, they say you can print blank amount for yourself. There’s are too be numbered, yours are “AP”. Some bands still don’t mind if artist copies can be apart of the the numbered edition, but it is becoming less and less. I say this because a lot of people have been asking why I only sell “AP” on some prints.

I was recently contacted by the Zac Brown Band to do a print for their current,… the Springfield, MS stop. I was a little unfamiliar w/ the band but know they have a pretty huge following and got a kick out of their music video “The Wind” done by Mike Judge.

Anywhoo… I was happy to do it. They really wanted to steer clear from typical “country” references, which I was more than happy to do so I thought I would explore the idea of a country wizard. The print is a 5-color and is a limited run of 80 prints.

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