Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dazed and Confused Movie Poster Chuck Sperry

Odd City Entertainment is excited to announce, in partnership with the Austin Film Society, Hangar 18, and Varnish Fine Art gallery, a limited edition Chuck Sperry print for the 20th anniversary screening of Richard Linklater’s iconic film, Dazed and Confused. This will be the first print release for the company based in Austin, Texas. Roman Morales, the company’s Founder and long time print collector expressed his excitement over Odd City’s involvement in the event, “It has been a long hard road leading up to our launch and we couldn’t have asked for a better platform to release our first print run than the AFS Dazed and Confused event.

And, it’s a Chuck Sperry no less! The best mix of artist and subject.” Chuck Sperry, the print artist, also expressed thoughts over his involvement, “To me, Dazed and Confused presents a pinball storyline structure and afforded me the opportunity to present the cast in equal weight to emphasize the ensemble nature of the film. They appear as bonus lights on the play table. I reproduced Mr. Linklater’s director notes to the actors on the pinball instruction card. The directions inspire the cast towards spontaneity, truthfulness and in Linklater’s words, “100% accuracy and thoroughness in detail”, as I sincerely hope is also reflected in my poster design.”

The Odd City art prints will be sold at Austin Film Society’s Dazed and Confused screening event on March 6th at the Marchesa Hall & Theatre in Austin, TX: . Event attendees will receive priority when purchasing. All net proceeds from the sell of the art prints will benefit the Austin Film Society. In the unlikely case there are additional prints after the event, they will be sold through Odd City’s website. Please see below for print details, pricing and images. For more information visit

Poster details
Size: 20x35
Paper: Regular: Cougar 100 / Variant: Opalescent Pearl; both w/3 metallic inks
Printed by: Hangar 18
Details: Regular 9-colors / Variant: 9-colors
Run Size: 240 Regulars & 50 Variants
Pricing: Regular - $65 / Variant - $135


  1. Probably my favorite movie of all time, but this just doesn't do it for me. maybe i set my hopes too high for a Dazed print. but for now the Kozik OG still remains king

  2. This is awesome - great poster. I love the pinball look. And do I see a face, or am I still dazed and confused myself.

    1. Jen I keep looking at it thinking I see a face also. Still have not found it but I think it's there