Monday, February 18, 2013

Skewville Sucks Either Way Print On Sale Today

"To make this image into a print was a real technical challenge. It would have been easier to just make another painting. But finally after a few days of getting the image ready I was off to print. "oh" but first to Home Depot to get the paper. That's right, Home Depot is my art store. I print on roofing asphalt felt, better known as tar paper. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. So then off to my brother's studio (near Home Depot) to cut the paper by hand and flatten it out.

Next stop, Bushwick Print lab to rent a spot so I can personally silkscreen the first color. Little did they know I was showing up with tar paper so you could imagine the fumes of plastisol oil ink being heated on tar…"for the love of art". So then after that, back to my new studio in Brooklyn to scrape away the excess ink fuckups and add the second tone of white as well as include some on the spot hand finishing. Then back my brother's spot in Queens to pack and box the prints. So after weeks of prepping, printing, packing and borough hopping, these prints are done. Sucks either way. " - Skewville

Sucks Either Way is a 18 x 24 Inches Hand-Embellished Screen Prints on Hand Cut Organic Roofing Asphalt Felt with a signed and numbered edition of 50. I have seen these in person and they are cool as hell.

On Sale Tuesday at NOON EST at

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