Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Alan Campbell The Twelve Chairs Print

Alan Campbell has a new print and it's based on the classic soviet satirical novel by IIf and Petrov

The novel follows a diamond hunt sparked by Kisa's mother law confessing on her deathbed that the family jewels were hidden from being seized by the soviets in one of the twelve dining room chairs, the chairs were seized but the diamonds were not found.
Kisa sets out to find the chairs and the diamonds, quickly con-man Ostap Bender learns of the enterprise and pushes his way in, providing the street smarts to track down the chairs.

The book has been adapted to film in at least 20 occasions, including a 1970's version by Mel Brooks, an Italian version staring Sharon Tate which was her final role. Alan liked this 1971 soviet version which is up on Youtube with english subtitles, Also the chairs from this film were the inspiration for my drawn chairs in the print

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

The Twelve Chairs - Regular
Edition of 25, S/N
3 colour Screen print on Gfsmith Colourplan 275gsm
£40 / $52 + S/H

The Twelve Chairs - Variant (white paper) -
Edition of 3, S/N
3 colour Screen print on Gfsmith Colourplan 275gsm
£40 / $52 + S/H

These new prints will go on sale Wednesday the 20th of November at 5pm GMT/ 12 noon ET, 9am PST onsale from


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