Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ray Ban Rare Prints

Ames Bros

Matt W. Moore

"This spring Ray-Ban introduces Rare Prints, a limited edition batch of custom-designed patterned Wayfarers.

To launch the Rare Prints line, we commissioned a small batch of the world's most talented poster artists to create hand-printed, individually numbered posters inspired by the glasses, making the advertising as rare as the glasses themselves."

They are every where just Google Ray Ban Rare Prints.

UPDATE from Barry at AMES BROS 5-14
I don't believe they will be sold. We won't be selling any. It is a promo item for Ray-Ban, not sure what they will do with 'em or who will get 'em.

Cmon Ray Ban at least include them in the purchase of the glasses

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  1. LOL, "Ray-Ban RARE Prints" "They are every where".
    So the glasses are every where but where might one get the prints?