Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Tyler Stout poster for Best Worst Movie and new stuff


Best Worst Movie poster
A Portrait of the Navigator as a young Starfighter
Local Legend

Best Worst Movie
24x36 on cream paper
5 color screenprint with metallic inks/ signed & numbered
i was asked by the director of the upcoming documentary, Best Worst Movie, if i'd be interested in doing their official movie poster, and i finally managed to get it done. i've seen this movie and it is a delight, a real treat. fully recommended. i'll have two versions available -
Regular Best Worst Movie- edition of 350 - though i'll have about 70 for sale
Variant Best Worst Movie- edition of 180 - i'll have about 15 for sale
my copies will be signed and numbered, but there are also some of the same editions available on the official movie site. - if my copies sell out or you're looking to save a little money on the variant, click on over to here- to pick up what is essentially the same poster, only numbered, but not signed. same edition though. highly recommend checking this movie out when its in your area.

Local Legend
3 color screenprint / signed & numbered
i know, who doesn't love sports? besides me i mean. but this was a fun print to do, its a screenprint of an illustration i had done awhile back, modified to fall in line with Gallery 1988's sports themed show. i was told Sports! - but apparently it was something like greatest moments in sports, which this is not. so, whoops. my two teams as a child were the Mariners and the Seahawks, so this was kinda trying to capture that.
Local Legend - edition of 60, i'll have 20 for sale
expertly screenprinted to fully capture the pencil drawing essense of the piece. i was very pleased with how these turned out, kinda trying something new.

Mini Print Exchange - Grig
8x10" on cream paper
4 color screenprint with metallic gold ink / signed & numbered
done for Signed and Numbered Gallery's Mini Print exchange, these pieces are not my regular big sized prints, they're only 8x10. i liked em enough to do a bigger 18x24 piece version, but i have a ton of these since i could gang up a ton of them in the run. so, edition of 600 (yikes). i expect them to be around for awhile, but i'm not limiting people to one per person. there's actually 3 mildly different versions, but i can't guarantee which version you'll get. there all out of the same edition, but slightly different.
Mini Grig 1
Mini Grig 2
Mini Grig 3
though if you order like 3 copies i'll try to give you one of each, but again, they're basically the same.

Mini Print Exchange - Grig Red Variant
8x10" on cream paper
4 color screenprint with metallic gold ink / signed & numbered
Mini Grig Red Variant- edition of 200

A Portrait of the Navigator as a young Starfighter
18x24" on cream paper
4 color screenprint with metallic gold ink / signed & numbered
i liked my Signed and Numbered mini print enough to do a full 18x24 print of it. why the weird title? its a play off the James Joyce novel.

A Portrait - edition of 200, i'll have about 170 for sale.

this version is 18x24 and has all the pieces that are on the 3 individual mini prints, plus a few extra parts.

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