Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Zoe Keller Syngnathidae Art Print


PangeaSeed Foundation is pleased to announce the latest fine art print release for their educational print program, Printed Oceans. Featuring original artwork by supporting ARTivist Zoe Keller (USA). "Syngnathidae" is a limited art print edition highlighting the plight of some of the ocean's most unique and charismatic creatures, and the importance of a healthy ocean ecosystem

Our oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and are home to an incredible 94 percent of the planet’s living species. With so much of the Earth’s surface taken up by the ocean, it’s evident how vital these marine environments are to the planet, and how much there still is to be explored.

Artist: Zoe Keller (USA)
Title: "Syngnathidae"
Edition size: 75 regular | 25 hand-embellished
Dimensions: 18x24 inches | 24x32 inches
Details: 18x24 inches full bleed signed and numbered by the artist | 24x32 inches full bleed, uniquely hand-embellished, and signed and numbered by the artist
Paper: Printed on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm museum-grade archival paper
Pricing: 18x24 inches $100 | 24x32 inches $175
Available now via

Artist statement:
Syngnathidae is a family of bony fishes that includes seahorses, seadragons, pipefish and pipehorses. These small, charismatic creatures are important symbols of healthy ocean ecosystems, and they are disappearing. Each year, millions are swept up in trawl nets as bycatch, and millions more are traded illegally for use in traditional medicine and as dried curiosities in souvenir shops. Development, pollution, agricultural fertilizer runoff, and ocean warming driven by the climate crisis are all making life untenable for those that evade capture. By protecting our marine waters, and supporting the work of organizations like Project Seahorse, The Seahorse Trust, and the IUCN SSC Seahorse, Pipefish, and Seadragon Specialist Group, we can preserve these incredible ocean jewels, and the ecosystems they call home, for generations to come.

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