Monday, June 8, 2015

David Welker Faith No More Krakow Poland Poster World Premiere Exclusive

David Welker is the artist for tonight's Faith No More poster as they are in Krakow Poland at the Tauron Arena. This is the first time David has done a poster for the group.

I asked him about the insane design he created:

Well Poland is so devoutly Catholic and the name "Faith No More" is so powerful and contrary to that. I thought it would be sort of fitting to play the name of that band against the massive institution of Polish Catholicism. Krakow itself is a bastion of the Catholic Church with many old cathedrals having survived WWII intact. So the main character is this sexy Polish nether-worldly Goddess who is clearly not a traditional Catholic girl.
There will be 115 posters for sale at the show. Plus there is a red variant.
Artist edition posters will be available from Secret Serpents at 9:00 AM PDT on Thursday June 11.

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