Thursday, June 11, 2015

William Wray Tips Print From 1xRUN

William Wray has released his first print with 1xRUN and it's titled Tips. I have feeling some people feel this is what Ben Affleck will look like if he does not do Batman right.

Why Superheroes? I was first attracted to the hero myth of comics as a child, but having an unhappy home life made me question the comic book and television world’s presentation of morality and normal life. Mad Magazine was the door opener. Their parody of Superman became my stepping-stone to questioning societal myths. I started as an underground cartoonist quickly moving to regular comics ending up and Mad Magazine doing as many comic hero satires as I could.

I came upon The 'Batman' street actor who modeled for both paintings (pictured) relaxing in a Hollywood alley with his 'Partner in Crime' who I dubbed 'Thuggy' Spiderman. They were annoyed I wanted to shoot them until I whipped out real cash. We took some great shots, but I wish I had taken more as one was arrested and shipped out of state and the other 'retired'." - William Wray

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