Monday, June 29, 2015

Sebastian Bentler Behind the Iron Veil Print

Sebastian Bentler has a new unique handpainted screenprint titled Behind the Iron Veil. It is a screenprint on handpainted acrylic background + UV/Matte Finish on 315gsm Innova Soft Textured Natural White.

42x54cm (17x21″)

Stamped, signed and numbered edition of 7.

Underlining the iron veil theme, the print comes with a small Metatron/Flower of Life print on the back - which pretty much represents being out of the matrix/grid symbolically.

The illusion people behind the iron veil are presented
The deception selling people in the veil (their own) life as technology
Separation of what people truly need sold to them as what they think they need
People being kept blind of what they do in the veil until it is too late

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