Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Copyright One Rose Print Release Details

English artist Copyright has a new print being released by 1xRUN on Wednesday and you will have you choice of 3 different colors for One Rose. The print is 14 x 19.75 Inches (35cm x 50cm) Mixed Media Screen Prints on 300gsm Fabriano Watercolour Paper. Each color will also have an edition of only 13.

"I did an exhibition last year that opened on Valentines Day which was called ‘One Red Rose Forever’. It’s an old Sailor Jerry tattoo phrase.

I always like to revisit and re-imagine my own personal archive of imagery in new ways. This image is a reworking of a much larger piece I painted a couple of years back.

I'm always thinking, if my paintings were songs what would they sound like? Often I'll be listening to a song and it'll give me an idea for a painting. All it takes is a phrase, or sometimes I'll come up with a particular profound emotion and try to depict it as an image in the same way a musician would in a song." - Copyright

All 3 prints go on sale Wednesday at NOON EDT at

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