Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Work Week Wilco & Tame Impala Posters

Richard from The Work Week sent me an email about the posters he designed and I asked him to pick two of them and let you guys check out his work and get to know him.
As a designer I try and approach gigopsters with an awareness of the environment they will most likely end up in, a music fan or collectors home. With this mindset I try and design each poster to relate in some way to the client I am working for, whether in a literal or abstract way, while making sure it can still hang well in someones living room and compliment their home decor and aesthetics without taking over in an unwanted way. -Richard of The Work Week
Wilco Cincinnati Poster:
When approached to design one of the posters for Wilco's 20th anniversary tour, I wanted to make sure the design tied in to one of their classics. I focused in on 'Via Chicago' and pulled inspiration from the following opening lines of the song to build the imagery around in a restrained and minimal manner.

"Buried you alive in a fireworks display
Raining down on me
You cold, hot blood ran away from me
To the sea"
18x24 / hand printed / edition of 175 / $25.00

Tame Impala New Orleans Poster:
I was beyond excited to create this poster for Tame Impala’s show in New Orleans on May 9th. The design is built around a grid of random shapes, made up of lines and halftones, which are arranged in different ways throughout the poster. These shapes were ran through the old xerox machine until they were on the verge of falling apart and then highlighted randomly throughout with sections of blue ink. Though most of the composition is abstract, the band’s initials,"T.I.", made their way into the final design.

18x24 / hand printed / edition of 150/ $25.00

Buy these posters and see all his work at http://wrkweek.com

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