Friday, June 12, 2015

Miss Van Oh Lord I Print Release

1xRUN are excited to welcome back Miss Van as she returns with her latest print Oh Lord I. Originally meant to be exhibited with Soze Gallery at 2015 Scope Art Fair in New York, this piece was lost in transit and did not make it to the show on time. Since then it has safely arrived to the trendsetting gallery in Los Angeles and found a home.
"After I finished this piece it was lost for three weeks between Barcelona and Los Angeles. It was originally supposed to be presented at Scope New York City with Soze Gallery, but the painting didn't arrive in time. Now the painting is finally safe in Los Angeles.

This piece was the first of a series of illuminated and ceremonial characters. It is classy and steady with a pyramidal composition and mystical aura." - Miss Van
 On sale Friday at NOON EDT at

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