Monday, June 15, 2015

J.A.W. Cooper Rise & Sanctuary Print Release

1xRUN is releasing two new prints from J.A.W. Cooper on Monday. She once again brings her unique style with the release of Rise & Sanctuary.

"Someone once described my work to me as illustrations of folklore and mythology from a surreal alternate reality... and I thought that was pretty fantastic.

Some recurring animals (such as cicadas) have particular significance to me and the more I use the the more they become symbols as part of a visual language. Thematically I am fascinated by nature and natural systems, the science of perception, and the tension between "wildness" and "civilization" both externally and internally, and my works tend to reflect those interests.

Each piece presents new challenges. Careful prep and planning can allow you to mitigate a great deal of trouble, but there is always that uncontrollable variable which crops up. I tend to think of mistakes and adversities as opportunities for creative problem solving and unexpected detail."

"Rise was part of a five-piece mini-series about the stages of dealing with pain, within a larger solo show in 2013. This painting was the final stage; the triumphant rise after a crisis. The cicadas are significant, representing rebirth and metamorphosis as some species can stay dormant underground for up to 17 years until conditions are perfect and then emerge together in one epic synchronized event. True healing is not to harden externally, but to remain vulnerable and open while drawing strength from within."

"Sanctuary was created in 2013 as part of my solo show "Laid Bare" which explored vulnerability as both a source of strength and discomfort. The setting for the piece is of personal significance, a verdant cave at the top of a waterfall in Big Sur. This cave is full of stacked rocks left by previous visitors though in all of my visits I never encountered anyone inside, and so it has the air of a place of significance for many people traveling along parallel lines but not intersecting. The purpose of a "sanctuary" is to provide asylum in a time of stress or danger and this cave gave me peace at a time when I was letting go of one facet of my life and fostering the growth of a new one; the severed stag head and the fawn."- J.A.W. Cooper

Both prints go on sale Monday at NOON EDT at

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