Monday, December 3, 2018

Arna Miller The Sun Don't Shine in Your TV Show at Sally Centigrade Gallery

Sally Centigrade Gallery have a really cool show, its screen printed mounted on wood panels from Arna Miller! The work is available now at Home from Sally Centigrade,

The Sun Don't Shine in Your TV

The Sun Don't Shine in Your TV, the newest screen print exhibit from Arna Miller is on display at Sally Centigrade Gallery.

Blending a contemporary perspective with historical design, she mixes the ornate patterns and colors of early 20th century book illustrations, vintage Asian packaging, and magic show posters with words from the Finnish epic The Kalevala, and Kanye West lyrics. Miller’s uses both traditional and contemporary techniques to depict special moments charged with magic and mystery. Her artwork have charmed and comforted people all over the world.

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