Friday, December 14, 2018

Ameerah Bader 208 Idaho Art Print Release

Idaho is the trickle of a creek behind the fence in your backyard. Huckleberries for sale two streets up. Scorpions mimick the stars in the desert at night. This poster featuring some of Idaho’s local friends is apart of the “Travel by Screen” series hosted by Sally Centigrade Gallery. This image was inspired by the quieter moments that can happen.

Ameerah Bader focuses on illustration through printmaking, writing, and sequential art. her work explores the subtleties of everyday living, shy humor, and Palestinian identity. She utilizes printmaking due to its accessibility and tactile components.

Artist: Ameerah Bader
Title: 208 / Idaho
Size: 18 x 24
Run of 25, signed and numbered
Paper: Canson Bristol Paper 96 Lb
Screens: 7 screens, four colors.

Available Friday December 14th at 10am Mountain Time at

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