Friday, December 14, 2018

Nine Inch Nails Los Angeles Poster by Brad Klausen World Premiere

One of the biggest surprises this year may have been posters for the Nine Inch Nails tour. Not just any posters but some incredible posters (yes there were a couple of duds) by artists that were thrilled to cross them off their bucket list.

 Nine Inch Nails are wrapping up Cold And Black And Infinite tour with 6 shows in Los Angeles and for tonight's show it is my pleasure to debut Brad Klausen's poster. Having seen them twice on this tour, I can saw he captures the feeling perfectly as the music rages through your brain and makes you tingle.

There will be a foil edition as well. The text on the bottom in red does not appear on the actual poster, just trying to fight the shirt bootleggers in Asia. Brad will have his copies on sale soon, stay tuned.

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