Thursday, September 28, 2017

Jim Evans TAZ Jigsaw Movie Poster

Jim Evans aka TAZ, has been working on SAW films since the very first one, he’s done lots of artwork, marketing, and a few limited editions over the years. His love of SAW imagery has finally lead to his magnum opus of horror art. It is for the new film, titled JIGSAW, to be released on October 27, and which features the most amazing display of the kind of torture device depravity that makes up the latest entry in the SAW franchise.

The poster was done especially for the IMAX release, and will be available in limited quantities at Lionsgate’s Jigsaw: Survive The Trap experience at the New York Comic Con on October 5-8. Jigsaw: Survive the Trap will be located directly in front of the Javits Center, within the convention gates, and will be open during NYCC hours. Comic Con badge holders will wait in designated lines to go through in pairs. Fans who complete the escape room will get movie swag, including an exclusive IMAX poster and a free ticket to see the Jigsaw in theaters. More prizes will be given away throughout the convention
If you are in New York, swing by, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to pick one up.

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