Friday, September 8, 2017

Jim Evans TAZ Ohana Music Festival Poster


Except for Mike D. and Anthony Kiedis, there are not too many musicians that surf. Eddie Vedder is one of the few, and when he throws a party on the beach, it is a big one! Eddie and Chris Siglin at Tsurt, conspire to commission some of the best rock poster art ever. This year they invited Jim Evans, aka TAZ, to submit something for the Ohana Festival on Doheny Beach in California.

TAZ, who spends most of his non-art time surfing in Malibu, decided to channel the Tibetan Book of The Dead, Hokusai waves, Buddha, and have top surfer Kelly Slater sliding through the Eye of Horus on a flaming wave. The final effect, is a retro-psychedelic visual mash-up that showcases the unique Ohana spirit. Clashing styles and colors on an electromagnetic background make the piece feel familiar, and alien, all at once.

The size of the poster is 24x18, and it is horizontal, instead of the usual vertical format. It’s a 7-color silkscreen with a split fountain, and is printed on #100 Cougar paper. There will be 100 signed and numbered pieces, 50 of those will be foil.

Unsigned posters will go on sale this afternoon at the Ohana Festival, and be available all weekend. Stop by, get a poster, and listen to some amazing music while lounging on the beach.

The signed artist editions will go on sale next week at and the new TAZ outlet,

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  1. Tim from Ontario Canada, Ohana fest was incredible, my wife and I travelled their for our 19th anniversary. I would love to purchase an Artist signed version. Would you be able to give a date and time to purchase this.