Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Methamphibian Strikes Again- Angel of Death figure

We don’t get to see too many 1/6th scale custom figure offerings, but Peter Kim, aka Methamphibian, is definitely at the top of the 12″ pile with his awesome original creations.

Last weekend saw the release of four more unique, one-of-a-kind figures from his ongoing ‘Shadow Project’ storyline, which focuses on top-secret government operatives called ‘Black Ghosts’. What they do and which government they’re associated with is ambiguous, but the eerie mix of skull-faces and military battle gear is stunning indeed. Mix in the new leather-clad, curvaceous Angel of Death and you have the makings for an intense narrative that’s suddenly departed from traditional ‘top secret agency’ stuff.

Each one-off, handmade figure sells for around $200 to $250 each, with the elaborate Angel of Death selling for $400. These are available for sale on his website, at the ’store’ link, along with various art and t-shirts. And if you dig the 1/6th custom thing, don’t forget to check out Triad Toys and their absurdly extensive collection of scaled outfits to make your own figures with - most of them providing ample views of secret agent cleavage.

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