Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Polluted Culture: Volume 2 Art Print by Jermaine Rogers Onsale Info

Jermaine is kicking out some kickass art prints this year hear is another one. Little Beatles little U2. “Polluted Culture: Volume 2″ is going to be a huge 20″ x 38″ screenprint poster. It will drop Tuesday, February 3rd between 12pm-3pm Mountain Time. Visit

Jermaine's thoughts about the piece:

“Seeing the totality of modern popular culture as one whole, dissecting it, and re-attaching its parts is a wonderful and satisfying exercise. Years ago, before the first ‘Polluted Culture’ print, I did an image for a Mudhoney flyer depicting the Beatles as a grunge band…ripped jeans, Chuck Taylor’s, and all. Here, I wanted to revisit that aesthetic in a sense. I chose to take the band that many feel are the modern-day torch bearers of the Beatles, U2. The imagery from the 1987 album, ‘The Joshua Tree’ was always very striking to me. The starkness and weighty aura surrounding the photographs of the band were almost religious…and actually very prophetic in a sense: this was the album that many feel rocketed them to ‘biggest-band-in-the-world’ status. To depict the Beatles in this modern ‘clothing’ was delicious. Pop culture belongs to you and me. We birthed it and groom it every day. ‘We are the music makers and the dreamers of the dreams’. Culture is ours to hijack and choreograph. Past popular culture is our plaything. We can do whatever we want with it. You don’t need a reason.”

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