Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The Barack Obama Inauguration finally happens this January 20, 2009. This event is the most anticipated event for this year. It's not only the Americans who are excited about this event but the whole world as well. America is looked up into as a great strong nation and for the first time, America will install into office the first black President in American history- President Barack Obama.

The 2009 inauguration tickets are available already. There were 250,000 tickets printed. The inauguration tickers are costly. One ticket broker asked for $20,095 for one single ticket as reported by CNN. I don't know how much one ticket cost but I'm sure the cost varies and it will go higher and higher as the Inauguration day approaches.

The ticket is expensive but you can watch Obama Inauguration Live Stream online via CNN and other news sites. Lucky enough I was able to get a live stream code for the Inauguration which means you can watch the Inauguration via this blog through live video feeds. Please bear in mind that you need a good internet connection to get smooth free Obama Inauguration live stream.

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