Friday, September 27, 2019

Maxx242 Poster Archive Sale

Fighting 4 Dreams dug through their flat files and found some rare Maxx242 gig posters that they're offering up to you! Some are #1's in their edition and some have custom hand embellishments by Maxx himself! They'll have extremely limited number of posters by bands like Pearl Jam, Metallica, Eric Church, 311 and Eddie Vedder up for grabs. Sale starts Friday, Sept 27th at a random time after 10am PDT.

Products will populate under the "Maxx242 Archive Sale" link here. There's about 20 different products so you may need to refresh the page a few times during the first minute to see everything. Most posters are limited to only 1 of each so be quick if you're looking to pick anything up.

Please note: They will have a few Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder posters that are #1 in their editions but they all have a few small blemishes on them - they wanted to give you guys a heads up since those will be the first to go. If you are a true collector and will put them in a frame the blemishes won't be an issue. In a way they're ok with the blemishes since they will hopefully deter any potential flippers away from them!

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