Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Spider-Verse Lunar New Year Connecting Cover Variant Print by Jie Yuan

Grey Matter Art are sending their warmest wishes to everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year today! Back in 2020, Marvel teamed up with Wacom, a company known to so many artists for their capable graphic tablets and searched hundreds of the most talented artists throughout China to create art for some of Marvel's best comic titles for the 2020 Chinese New Year. The first art announced by Marvel were for these three stunning covers for Symbiote Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, & Gwen Stacey by artist, Jie Yuan! Not only can these covers be seen individually, but can be combined to form one seamless piece, and we did just that! We are thrilled to announce Jie Yuan's covers as one full connecting piece of artwork coming at a generous 10" x 40" Limited Edition Poster, so fans can truly appreciate the artistic stylings of Jie's work when put together! This poster is a Fine Art Giclee, printed on acid-free paper with archival inks!

 On Sale Thursday 02/03 at 1 PM EST. GMA Shop!

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