Monday, May 24, 2010

Brad Klausen Pearl Jam Poster on sale details

$60 plus shipping...14.5"x 24", 7 Colors Signed and Numbered

$180 for 3 Poster plus shipping, all posters are signed and numbered.

Brad Klausens Pearl Jam New Orleans Poster will be available for purchase at on Tuesday May 25th at 1 PM PST.

On Tuesday you will also be able to purchase the mini-subscription
for the 3 upcoming European posters he is doing. Those will not ship
until a few days before the last show he did, which is on July 1st.
So if you order any other posters at the same time you order the
mini-sub, he cannot send you the other posters early due to the
fact that you are only charged once for shipping. Any other posters
purchased along with the european mini-sub will all ship a
few days before July 1st.

What you will receive:
- June 22nd 2010 Dublin, Ireland... 13.65"x24", 7 colors
- June 25th 2010 London, England... 13.5" x 24, 7 colors
- July 1st 2010 Gdynia, Poland... 14.125"x24, 8 colors

Along with each design relating to the specific city of each show, these 3
posters along with the New Orleans poster all have a subtle theme tying
them together… the 4 Elements. New Orleans is Fire obviously and
symbolized with the phoenix… Dublin is Earth, London is Air, and Poland
is Water. Each poster is different in it's own right, and not necessarily
a "set". Once again, these will not ship until a few days before the Poland
show on July 1st.

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