Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rene Gagnon vs. Mr Brainwash- And more new prints from Rene

Con Artist - Edition of 100
22 inches wide X 30 inches high - 2 color screen print on 250gsm Stonehendge paper (2 deckled edges)

Pawn Shop Jesus Print - Edition of 50

30 inches wide X 22 inches high | 3 color screen print on 250gsm Stonehendge paper (2 deckled edges)

Marilyn Paster Canvas



Well Rene has called out Mr Brainwash. Rene has issued a challenge to Mr Brainwash.

To answer the question many are asking about this so-called fued (it's one-sided by the way)... Some of you know, many of you don't know. A substaintial part of my life was spent in either a breakdancing crew, rap group, or graffiti crew. The way we settled differences in all those mediums was through a battle. Why should this be any different.

Not that I expect you'll answer Mr . Brainwash but consider this a challenge - 24 hour paint off. 1 canvas each, any size - the bigger the better. You do what you do, I'll do what I do. Thats "you" singular without your elves. It's time to end the con. So go brush up on my videos and archives. You Probably didn't last time because you had your elves do it. Bring your A game and show the world you got it, or don't and continue what your doing and pretend you don't know me. Maybe you don't know me... but your elves do.

But I'm coming LA - Brainwash turf will be mine...

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