Friday, October 15, 2010

Emek Van Morrison Poster On Sale Details

Van Morrison is a legend, and EMEK felt he deserved a thoughtful poster.

The idea was that he is like a beacon. He has a song where he sings about being like a lighthouse, And a song about "and it stoned me".
The moonlight and lonely shore reflect the sadness and depth of many of his songs, not being able to go home again, and mysteries of lifes paths and travels, etc...
But he is strong and solid even if his soul is sensitive (that is the young Van inside him)

7 color silkscreen
Signed and Numbered
Limited Edition
measures: 19 x 31

$85 + shipping

There will be a few special variants placed randomly in a few lucky orders

Go to at 9:00am Pacific Time on Saturday Oct. 16th

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