Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Prints by Mike Klay on sale now

15"X24" 4 color screenprint on French Pop Tone Lemon Drop out of 100 - printed with metallic inks
$40 shipped to the US and $45 internationally

Announcing the first print in the Music City series, taking landmarks in
prominent cities and relating them to music.
Gonna work his way down the west coast with this one and then head east
and eventually end up in Europe. Hoping that it will end up being about 10 prints or so.
Future cities include: Portland, San Francisco, LA, Austin, Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, New York, London and Berlin.

62 BPM
18"X24" 3 color screenprint on French Glo Tone Orange Light and Blue Light out of 50 of each color
$40 shipped to the US and $45 internationally

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