Thursday, November 2, 2017

James Flames 311 Montclair Poster Release

Once again, James Flames had the great pleasure of creating a poster for 311.  This was for their concert this past weekend in Montclair, NJ.
My inspiration for the artwork was to show what happens when your entire consciousness becomes filled with the sound-waves (in this case, manifested by actual intergalactic "waves") of pure music – it takes you to other worlds, and other modes of perception.

Though it's also worth mentioning that I've been developing this 'storyline' through some of my 311 posters these past few years, centered around this character of the Spaceman Skeleton. The storyline follows his adventure out into space, and eventually his discoveries are as much inward as they are outward.

This poster would be the 4th part of this storyline. The spaceman has now transcended physical reality and he’s surrounded by waves. Waves have tremendous significance. The oceans on Earth are a major factor in the evolution of human existence, and waves are the embodiment of the oceans. Additionally, some aspects of modern String Theory in physics suggest that the universe is made up of a series of waves that vibrate, and that those waves and vibrations are what make up all the matter in the universe. To me, that sounds a lot like sound waves – and so it seems that the Spaceman Skeleton has discovered this connection of origins, and has BECOME it. - James Flames
These are all Screen-printed posters, and James hand printed each of them, along with two very limited HoloFoil variants. One is the "Level-Up" HoloFoil, and the other is "Galactic" HoloFoil.

Everything will be available Thursday November 2nd at 1pm Eastern at

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